Is pink a colour?


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I keep arguing to my mate that pink is a colour. He says it isn't. please post your opinion on this forum about why you think it is a colour or why it isn't. thanks


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It is a color in the sense that our brains can perceive it, but it is not a color in the sense that it does not appear in the light spectrum.

So, in conclusion, pink is a myth fabricated by your brain!


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Color: Noun
The property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light.

Pink: Adjective
Of a color intermediate between red and white, as of coral or salmon.

Answer = yes.
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Oh my gosh. How interesting... I never knew that pink wasn't in the light spectrum. But i think I agree with Hectate.


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Pink is a colour. It is not a primary, or secondary colour.
It is a hue of a primary (red)

It is light reflecting the colour red, while the reflection is diluted with every other colour in the white light spectrum (white)


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@OP Do you mean magenta? Pink is a color, but not magenta AFAIK.
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I think pink and magenta are synonyms for the purpose of this discussion.

To clarify my earlier post, magenta (pink) is the color your brain manufactures to fill in the gap between red and violet, which are on the opposite ends of the light spectrum. Normally your brain will mix light and perceive the color in between them, but in the case of red and violet, the color in between would be green. Your brain decides that makes no sense and so invents the color magenta to bridge the gap.


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Of course it is, its a different hue of red.


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Yes, anything that we can see is a color.
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What do you define as *see*, TaterTom? On a hot day, we can see the heat wave things. Sometimes we hallucinate, but just because we see them doesn't mean that they are real. Heat waves are real of course, but they're not the waves that we see.... I'm trying to say something, and I know what it is in my head, but I don't think I said it correctly.

Yes, pink is a color.
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Everything we see is real electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum, represented by color. When you hallucinate, you're not seeing, you're imagining. Those "heat waves" you see are real refracted light, not an illusion.


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Well, of course the best color ever is a color!


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k thanks for your opinions guys!  :)


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Everything that we can percieve and we know other people can percieve to is considered to be something that exists. Everything else is a theory untill we discover something that flips our basic facts around.