Boom Boom Pig - Looking For Buyer!

Hello guys, my name is Eli Ward. I am a game long time game developer for 4 years or more now, I have made a game with some supreme graphics that has been in development for the last year and a half.

Here is some pictures of the development. I am looking to sell all the rights and art to a publisher or buyer who is looking to add onto the game. It was made for mobile devices but can be exported out to flash. The game was made in the engine Stencyl and it about 70% done.

The art includes 10+ backgrounds, 11 characters, multiple player objects, high graphic animations, and many more. You play the game by tapping on the screen when a cannon is rotating up and down, once you tap the cannons position is fixed and then your strength for how it shoots out the pig (character), is shot out, which you are trying to hit more cannons. As you play the game it gets harder by objects such as flying pigs, rotating cannons, flying cannons, cannons on trampolines.
If you are interested please comment, DM, Skype or email me!

Thank you!
-Eli Ward



Skype- elitegamesindustries