Help Detecting if an Actor is inside a region with a specific name


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Hello to you all, here I am asking again for your support as I'm having difficulties building a specific behavior for my Hero Actor for a platform side scrolling type of game:

While trying to reduce the number of actors on screen I thought to use a trick similar to that of the climb Ladder behaviour, where the collision doesn't actually happen between the actor and the stair/ladder tile or image, but rather between the actor and the region that surrounds the stair/ladder tile or image.

Problem description:
I'm using a tileset that has a built in obstacle in the form of spikes tiles that can easily be placed over other tiles and such
So I place a few spikes  here and there at some points when designing the level and draw a region around each of them and name this region with the name SPIKES1, SPIKES2.. SPIKESn.
Now I would like to code a behaviour for the Hero character so that when it will enter a region that contains in it's name the text "SPIKES" , he will get hurt, change animation, remove life etc.

Looking at the Ladder behaviour available on StencylForge I see that it has some custom code blocks looking something like C++, while I can understand what the code does I really don't know the syntax and how to replicate this to use it for my need.

So if one has some time to help, I would really appreciate it.
Kind regards!


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I think I will go with the tile metadata option instead, just read about this now.