FREE Book: Creating Games with Stencyl - Level 01


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Chapter 01 - How to download Stencyl
Chapter 02 - How to install Stencyl    
Chapter 03 - How to create a shortcut for Stencyl    
Chapter 04 - How to create a new game in Stencyl    
Chapter 05 - How to create a Scene    
Chapter 06 - How to test a Scene
Chapter 07 - How to duplicate a Scene
Chapter 08 - How to save the Game Project
Chapter 09 - How to close the Game Project
Chapter 10 - How to open the Game Project
Chapter 11 - How to set the Starting Scene of the Game
Chapter 12 - How to diplay a Text on the Screen
Chapter 13 - How to position an Element on the Screen
Chapter 14 - How to use Variables
Chapter 15 - How to create an attribute
Chapter 16 - How to use an attribute
Chapter 17 - How to use the "When Creating" Event
Chapter 18 - How to Use the "When Updating" Event
Chapter 19 - How to remove Events
Chapter 20 - How to Use Mathematical Operations
Chapter 21 - How to use Mouse Events
Chapter 22 - How to disable an Event

About the book

In this book you will learn the basics about how the Stencyl works.
All exposed in a simple and step-by-step way without excess of words and explanations.
You will learn here, in a practical method, what it would take you several weeks to learn alone.

Welcome to Level 01

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Just checked it out. Great work!


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Beautiful covers! Brilliant! I will check out the book later. (I Subscribed to your channel too)


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Thanks. I no longer remember as was the mindset of who is starting, but I think this is a good introduction. Flws.


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Thanks alot. Im new to stencyl and 0% experience and knowledge in any programming language and I'm searching for short books like this without much stress and this free ebook really help me, specially about attributes and game attributes.

thanks again