simple vs modern platformer


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I am having issues with my game upon switching to simple physics for my (first) platformer.

i've play canabalt and super meat boy on kongregate before but im not sure how to see the difference between why sonic would be modern platformer and needs box2d physics

if anyone can explain to me, thanks.

though when i did my game in box2d it worked better but idk how much it would cause lag


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Full differences shown in the article you referenced.

Basically, if you would use simple physics, it will leave you without Force, Friction, Bounce, Terrain mechanics, as well as with more simple, not as detailed collisions and weight control over your actors. Movement most likely will be less smooth, if you have rotating actors you need to collide with - that won't happen properly, and stuff like that. And most importantly - it will be harder to implement slippery floors  ;)