screen shots?(SOLVED)


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Id like to take a couple screenshots of my gameplay to add to my journal and am unsure how. Help is appreciated

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I can tell how I do it in Windows.
First I take a screenshot using ALT + 'PRT SC'
I like it better than just 'prt sc' because it only takes screenshot of a window and not the whole screen.
Next, I use Windows  Snipping tool and cut precisely what I want.
I usually have to reduce image size using Photoshop, but you can do it with Windows default picture editor too I guess.
Next is uploading that picture to an image hosting web (I use
Then I copy the BB code and paste it to post.

I check the post with 'preview' to make sure it looks OK.
You can see the BB code in my post by pressing 'Quote' that you see on top right.
If you paste that code to your post, you will be able to preview that image immediately.


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Hell yeah. Once again thank you Doma. Ill send you the next scene for the mage quest tonight. It has a day and night sequence so i decided to just split it into two different ones. The ambush of tye werewolf goes horribly wrong. First it evades tye trap and one of the warriors confronts it. While its destracted one of the hunters takes a shot but the beast dodges it and the arrow ends up hitting the warrior who distracted it right in the throat. Then all hell breaks loose haha. Im still editing it trying to make it as gut wrenching as i can haha

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