Can Certain Actor Collision Boxes Detect Certain Tiles?


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Yeah, like the title suggests, while you can have a character detect certain tiles using the metadata, can only certain collision boxes of an actor detect certain tile metadata? Like, one box will only detect the default block but another something like water or a slope?  Just wanted to know. A simple yes and no answer would suffice. Thanks!


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Yes, I'm pretty sure I've seen this talked about it another thread.


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I don't believe you can automatically say "don't let this box collide with a tile if the data is wrong", but you can, in theory, use the 'data for collided tile' block and a 'sensor' collision box to detect what the metadata of a tile is and build logic accordingly. I say, 'in theory', because I remember trying to do this about a year ago and discovering that the 'data for collided tile' block is not very consistent when it's used with a 'sensor' collision box. (However, It seems consistent when used with a solid collision box, though.)