Collisions with actors from the same group


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Hello, everyone. I just finished the Space Invaders crash course and went to do the challenges. I made the enemies start moving randomly left or right at the start, made them move the other way when they reach the edge of the screen, but when they hit each other I run into problems. I turned on collisions for them in  their properties and this is what I got:

when an actor of enemies hits an actor of enemies
if the left side of actor 1 was hit
set x speed to 5 for self
set x speed to -5 for last collided actor

They just clump up together at the middle and drift slowly.  So I tried with two and they just stop when they touch. What am I doing wrong? I tried various other things but none of them worked properly. I'm guessing both enemies being in the same group causes some problems, but I figured the game would know which one was hit from the left.