Some goals I think Stencyl should have on their Roadmap for 2017.


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Hello Stencylers,

Some goals I think Stencyl should have on their Roadmap for 2017

1. Scene Designer needs to be redesigned - The current scene designer is lacking very important features for designing scenes for gameplay. Other engines have these important featues but Stencyl seems to be lacking them. I created a list here

2. Html5 needs to be stabilized - HTML5 is growing for lot in games. The fact that it took a while for Stencyl to even get it in the engine was a shame, and its still very buggy.

3. Stencyl needs a corporate subscription plan - Like most engines sometimes Stencyl has bugs. So we report them on the issue tracker. But lets say company is using Stencyl for business. They can't wait all day for a dev to fix a bug.  They have work to do. They want to fix the bug themselves. Stencyl should have a corporate subscription plan that grants companies who are using Stencyl for business legal access and modification to the Stencyl toolset. Of course the company would have to sign a contract with Stencyl LLC, and there may be a higher price, but there should still be such subscription plan.

4. Basic suggestion features need to be implement already - There are so many suggestion/ feature request in the issue tracker. Forget about extra, but essential features that are just hanging about in the issue tracker, Stencyl needs to get around to them already..

5. A customer service - Stencyl really needs to hire a forum customer service, yeah we have the private forums but we really need for mods and helpers here on the forum.

Well these are my personal thoughts that I think Stencyl should accomplish for the year of 2017,

I hope Stencyl has a successful and great upcoming successful year!




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For #5, what did you have in mind for helpers to do?