Protecting flash games against websites blocking links inside games


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Hello guys, I would like to ask if possible for a bit of help regarding protecting a flash game from websites that blocks the outgoing links such as "more games" button inside a flash game.
As you probably know or heard more and more portals that publish flash games blocks the outgoing links inside Flash games, this way the users won't be able to visit the sponsor/developer page when clicking the "more games" button or credits section or even the advertising.

There are solutions in AS3 posted online, yet I don't know Haxe and can't rewrite the code.
Here is an example:
Code: [Select]
var checkNetwork:Object;

function Website(event:MouseEvent):void {
checkNetwork =;
navigateToURL(new URLRequest(""));
catch( $e:* ){
mcError.x = 0;
mcError.y = 0;

button1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, Website);