Centrifugal Force in a game???


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Ok, so one of the games I am creating is a top-down game in which you must control a tornado and throw various objects around. The problem is, I cant seem to be able to create a behavior that spins the object in the tornado then throws to. I thought o could maybe use the Centrifugal force formula (Fc = mv2/r, where Fc = centrifugal force, m = mass, v = speed, and r = radius) to remedy this problem. Do you think this formula could be implemented and used for this purpose? Let me know! Thanks in advance!


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You have an object rotating around your tonado. When you "let go" of a it, it moves along the tagent at his current speed.

So I see two ways you could do this:
1) Using forces. To rotate the object you need two forces, one that pushes the object in any direction, and the Centripetal force that pulls the object towards the center of the tornado. (The Centrifugal force is only observed if you are within the rotating system, you don't need it.)
You need to set the Centripetal force to the right amount so that the object really rotates.
Then when you let go, just turn off the Centripetal force, and the object will fly away.


2) Ignore forces, use speed. Caculate the x/y speed for the rotation, when you let go, calculate the direction of the tangent and the current velocity (=sqrt(x-speed^2+y-speed^2) and set the velocity for the object to these results.

Not sure what would be easier.