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Basically bounce the cars about, either by crashing into them with the cabin or using the trailer as a whip.

left arrow - move left
right arrow - move right
up arrow - restart
z button - fishtail trailer to the left
x button - fishtail trailer to the right

<a href="http://static.stencyl.com/games/36848-0.swf" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://static.stencyl.com/games/36848-0.swf</a>

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Nice concept, I would like to have seen a more free movement instead of stuck to the lanes, could be nice to have to control the fish taking of the truck. Also the trailer seems to glitch through the cars quite a bit.


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I uploaded an updated version (playable above).

The glitching was a bit annoying, I did notice that as well.  Apparently I completely forgot that collisions don't work well with tweens and spent an embarrassing amount of time fixing it.

I also had a version with the "free movement" and included that movement. I never did think of the free trailer, but I did incorporate it and it does seem much better now. Kind of like car pinball.

I added
- cop cars that come and shoot at you, you have to bounce cars into them to get rid of them.
- health. If the cabin gets hit by a bullet or a car, you lose health. Also, cars that leave the screen that havent been hit by you or other cars make you lose health.
- free movement between lanes
- the ability to spin the trailer out using the "z" or "x" buttons.

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