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Electric Fruit

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Hi everybody

I'am are currently looking for people to help out with the testing for our next release and where wondering if anybody would be interested? Nothing too intense, just looking for a few people to play the game an offer some genuine feedback.  The testing would be iOS only and take place over TestFlight, if anybody would be interested please let me know. Cheers

The game is called Toast Em-up


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Hey! yeah id like to test it out, my email is colburt187@hotmail.com


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Electric Fruit

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Hi colburt187 and btg, thanks for replying  :D

The game is almost ready, I will send you an invite later this week.

Thanks again, if I can ever repay the favor please let me know.

Looks toasty, would love to check it out!  christopherjam@gmail.com
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