Freddy Nightmare Run 3 - my first game builld with Stencyl


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Hello to all,
back in October 2016 I discovered Stencyl and I said to my self:
This looks really promising, so I started working on a project that I had in mind for a while. My coding skills were limited to basic C++ instructions that I learned in school so even though I had some introduction into programing it was still a challenge for me to apply this in order to create a game from scratch.
Thanks to some basic behaviours available on the Stencyl Forge, video tutorials posted by TheIndieStation and with the help of other great fellows here on this community I'm really excited to announce that my project is finally finished.
So here it is:
Freddy Nightmare Run 3 - a platform game where your character, a young boy that loves playing video games must survive inside his terrifying nightmare.

Test the game here --> Freddy Nightmare Run 3

Feedback and especially critics are "a must" :)
Few screenshots:

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Very cute game! I like that the character is nervously looking wround the whole time.
Good job.


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Thanks for your review


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I like the art work  ;) you just need the score and coins to reset when restating level  8)


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This is pretty good.

+ Graphics are good.
+ Some sort of tutorial is needed. I didn't realise I could jump on scorpions, but not skeletons.
+ Maybe checkpoints would be good (some things will kill you outright, while others will just take a life?) (maybe not needed as the levels seem quite short.)
+ More warning for traps (E.g. the axe falling from the wall.)