Simulator LOG won´t show print blocks but shows a lot of iOS internal messages


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Hi,  any suggestions of the  cause of this  ? :
I am using  Stencyl v. 3.4.0 final from an external drive with OSX 10.11.6 , and   have the following  2 important issues  regarding the the  LOG when using the simulator for testing iOS apps , which makes it useless  for further development:

1)  the Log  DOES NOT show Print blocks

It happens in my game project, and  to further verify this I made a test project published for simulator iPad  Retina iOS 10.2 which only has 1 scene, with 1 actor placed in it  which has 1 animation with 1 image, & besides there are only 4 Print blocks in  a When Created  event  in the scene events.

testing in an identical project made in Stencil v3.4. beta2 but for simulator iPad Retina iOS 9.2,  DID show all 4 print blocks  in Log.

2) Log continuously shows a great amount of all kind of iOS internal annoying  messages while compiling and running the project in the simulator, that make reading or following any print blocks -if any-  impossible.

This amount and kind of iOS internal messages didn't show up in an identical project made in & using  Stencyl version like 3.4. beta2 for simulator iPad Retina with iOS9.2 .

some of  the exceesive iOS internal activity messages that appear seems to be are related to :

ASL Sender Statistics
iCloud app

• log for stencyl 3.4.0final test project for simulator iPad Retina iOS 10.2
• log for stencyl 3.4 beta2 test project for simulator iPad Retina iOS 9.2