iOS Simulator options are greyed out


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Hi, I have  recently installed Stencyl 3.4.0 and can successfully create a game and test it through the included Flash Player. However, when I try to change the platform to iOS Simulator, whilst the 'iOS Simulator -> 10.3' option is available, the list of target platforms (various iPad, iPhone, etc.) are all greyed out and cannot be selected.

I have successfully tested the iOS Simulator in Xcode and it opens up correctly and allows me to choose between the various devices.

Are they are tricks to getting the iOS Simulator working under Stencyl. Note that I do not have a Apple Developer subscription, but assumed the simulator did not require one.

Thanks, Ian


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I thought it may be because you needed a stencyl pro license but it doesn't look like you do. Are you logged into stencyl when you are trying to test?

I ran into the same issue and could solve it. The "iOS minimum version" under "game settings" - "versions" was higher then my simulator version. Lowering it helped and nothing was greyed out anymore.

Hope this helps :)