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I'm just trying to draw some text on top of an anchored actor (it has to be anchored because I'm using a shader that I don't want to affect this actor). I'm aware that anchored actors draw on the top layer no matter what (which is horribly inconvenient--can't that be changed?). Some discussions about this problem indicate that one can draw text on top of the anchored actor by drawing the text inside a scene event, but this isn't working for me either -- it still draws below the actor. Am I going to have to spawn a new anchored actor above the other one to do the drawing?


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What exactly happens when you try to draw the text inside a scene event?

It works for me.
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Before drawing in the scene event, I set the drawing layer to the highest existing one, but the text still draws behind the anchored actor (it is definitely in the correct location).

It turns out that I have to use labels for this anyway, since there's no way to exclude normally drawn text from the shader as far as I'm aware. So I just spawn a new actor for the text label, which works fine. Thanks for the reply though!


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Anything on the HUD layer (text and anchored actors) will be excluded from the shader if you use the "toggle shaders for HUD" block.

I, too, have been unsuccessful for some time when trying to draw text above an actor anchored to the HUD. It's a bug, and it has been reported.

EDIT: but you can successfully draw text to an image anchored to the HUD (and you can put that image above the actor, *I believe*.)


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Another workaround is having a invisible/empty actor on the very top and you put your drawing into that actor.


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Thanks for the tips! I have it working pretty well now.