What program is the best and most easy to make tilesets and sprites? [Answered]


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I'm looking to amke my own tilesets and spries but I'm noy sure which one. I was thinking of Gimp or Paint.NET but which one is the best?

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Well, I suggest Pencyl which is built-in to the software. If not that, try Paint. Make a 32x32 image,draw it,save as PNG and import it to your game as tiles.


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Gimp, for me, is the best. It's free and the community is great!


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Graphics Gale.

Gimp is great but for simplicity, I always preferred graphics gale.

Stencyl Ninja

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I'm in 110% agreement with RayonMazter.
GraphicsGale is best for any 2d pixel art or animation, including tilesets.