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Well, I'm a PC developer with no iOS license but hopefully I can just send my game file ad everything will work out xD (Might be able to test on a friend's jailbroken iPod but not sure...)


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Yes am getting a developer license, but cant get a mac right now :(
So am a PC only contestant with a developer iOS license, hope u can help

Perfect. You'll be able to use the trial, assuming you've got your certificates already set up.

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What's the difference in controls for the I-devices
and how can we test them while developing without
any Ipods, Macs, or IStencyls? ....
would it work the same if I made it for Flash but then
swapped out the controls for I-controls?


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If you use the touch variants of the blocks, they'll work on Flash and iOS - I'm probably going to deprecate the Flash-only controls in the future.


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   So when the game's ready to submit, how exactly will I send it to you?


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View the "How to Submit" section in the rules.

(I'm not pasting it here because if it changes for whatever reason, I don't want misinformation copied over here.)


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i didnt knew stencyl organized contest like that!!

15 jan 2012 ? i 'm back the 2 jan but i'll try to participate

it can be a little game (like 2 or 3 levels) or it have to be a giant one  (like pro games with 20/40 + levels)


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Quality over quantity is needed for Game Jams.

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i checked for istencyl and i'm not sure

seems complex to just publish a game

i need to figure out first how to do that properly haha


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I have a macintosh, an iPad, and I've been using stencyl a lot lately, and if iStencyl's like Stencyl, count me in :D
Now, to check out how iStencyl programming works, like I've been using only Stencylworks so far...
EDIT: Wait... You don't need to have a license to upload to the app store in order to enter the jam, do you?
EDIT2: Nevermind, reread the first post and figured it out.

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I will participate -.- as someone says when i am on the 1-3 places, i will get iStencyl Pro...

But i will not make it to this contest.


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How are the entries progressing?


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I think it's soon finished for me, today I'll finish the levels and add the monsters. (And I need to animate them)
Sounds are ok.

After, I'll go to make all the UI stuff. (I hate that)
Oh and also the Game Center stuff, I hope it's not difficult.

For now it's 5 days work x 3 (spread over 3 weeks)

5 days for sound (a friend)
5 days for graphism and animation (a friend and I)
5 days for code (only me)

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What qualifies as holiday-themed? Is a bell with a red bow on the logo enough? :)

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