do any of you mobile devs not bother with importing art at 4x resolution?


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I might do my first mobile game soon and I was wondering if I could just make my game at 960x640 with everything at 1x.  Then use scale to fit full screen.  In theory this would scale everything down on phones and scale everything up on larger tablets.

The reason I ask is because my last PC game had a resolution close to 960x640 at 1x.  I hooked my pc up to my large screen TV and used scale to fit full screen.  I expected it to look a bit blurry due to it being scaled so much.  To my supise It looked amazing!  It was like I was playing a console game and scaled beautifully.

So thinking of a mobile game, if I just designed things a bit larger (960x640) at 1x, it should scale down fine and scale up fine too.  Without needing to import at 4x and take up huge memory space.

Is there something wrong with approach?  Does anyone else do this or something similar?


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For my pixel art games I import at 1x for mobile. I imported at 4x for vector art though.


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For pixel art you wouldn't even have to go 960x640 necessarily. I design at 192 x 288 and import at 1x.


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Thx for the info guys!! 


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What resolution do you guys keep for mobile? 1x 2x 3x 4x?  My game is 2 levels and 100mb! I exported graphics from photoshop optimized.. amd still that high!  My art is not pixel art btw