Best mobile Game publisher? (money . trust . contract . Way of working ..ect )


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according to your knowledge what is the best publisher you have known?
Especially on the side of money  (which can bring the most )  trust and way of working ..
and those who are not hard in their requirement .
thanks for your answering ^^


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Some of my friends have tried publishing through Noodlecake, and the experience was okay overall. They get you initial boost and if the game is okay you eventually profit.
I have heard some bad stories about Ketchapp business practices and I would keep away from them as far as revenue is concerned.
I worked with EA Mobile for a few years. They own Chillingo and it has good relations with most developers. Their games often top the charts.
I work with Miniclip at the moment. If you feel your game fits the kind of games we have been pblishing (multiplayer, sports based, or generally highly accessible), you may give it a shot.
Generally don't expect publishers to spend money on promoting your game. If they have a big player base they may choose to cross promote but it not very common considering the high cost of UA. The publishers however will help you streamline your game. They will guide you with their experience and insight to make sure your game sells and both parties make money.
Almost every major publisher will ask you to implement basic KPI Trackers in freemium games, and integrate advertisement sdk's of their choosing, social hooks, leaderboards etc.


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 thanks for your answer
is there any chance that they invest in my game?  to get more users