Shtcoin: A cryptocurrency trading game (beta)


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Hello! I'm happy to say that I'm more or less finished with my first game, which I made in Stencyl. It's designed for mobile and working fine on my android. I figured I'd post it here to get some feedback before I finish it up.

The Game:
The game has a timed trading mode where you try to make as much money as possible by buying and selling SHT. Long play mode has more options for making money including investments and a mini-game for passing time where you flip burgers at a fast food restaurant.

This was a very time consuming undertaking for me, especially having no real coding experience beyond a few codeacademy classes. Making the chart was easily the hardest part. Anyway, I work in the film industry and wanted to make a game/app to fund-raise for an indie movie as an alternative to begging for money on kickstarter. So in some ways the game functions as an advertisement for the movie, but I tried to be tactful and not overbearing about this. I've been a cryptocurrency enthusiast for a while, and figured it would be fun to make a sort of stock simulator crypto game as opposed to other crypto games I've tried like Bitcoin Billionaire which focus on tapping to mine bitcoin.

A few known issues:
1. The y-axis numbers on the trading chart has what I believe is a floating integer rounding issue at lower prices. I think I can live with this as the solutions I've come up slow down the game dramatically.
2. If you play, you'll probably see 2 loading screens. I added one myself so that the intro plays properly on my android. I believe that android apps don't have a preloading screen like flash games?
3. The file size is too big. For flash, about 30mb @ 1x. And much bigger at 2x on my android. I'll try to shave this down on my final pass.
4. If the price becomes too low, or too high, it causes some bugs in the chart/display. But it's not probable this would occur in gameplay, so I think I'll leave it be.

Anyway, thanks for all the posts you Stencyl Masters and users have made on the forums. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have ever been able to do this! Let me know if you have any questions. I'll be working on a tutorial video shortly.


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I've had a quick look and here are my thoughts; firstly, there's not enough contrast between the text and the background, it was sometimes hard to read. Also, the various pop-ups detract too much, and it seem you can still click the buttons behind them.

I'm not your target audience as the game doesn't appeal to me a great deal, but it seem like a fun game, and I can see how people would spend a lot of time with it if this genre is their thing. The graphics are good, and overall it seem pretty polished, just some minor issues with text placement/spacing.

Good job!


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I have appreciate your game ! He is original and he is addictive too. Pop-ups appear with each click but we can still click in, it's normal ? When will it go out on mobile?

Nice game !

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I just wanted to follow up with a victorious post about the RELEASE of Shtcoin on mobile devices. It's available free of cost. If anyone would be so kind to download and review I would certainly return the favor. Thanks Stencyl Fam for all your help in the forums, I never posted because I didn't have to, all the knowledge was there because of you. Here are the links.
 For iphones:

For androids: