5 Star Rating System [Resolved: Not Interested]

One of my biggest nitpicks is the lack of a 5 star rating system for games on the site. Sure we have the like dislike. But thats not enough.

I think we should have this instead.

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We've already recently had a multi-page discussion about this and the conclusion was solidly in favor of the current system.


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I agree, the like/dislike is a much easier and quicker decision than picking 1-5 stars.


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Though a problem is that the like/dislike system tends to create either 90% like it or 90% dislike it, due to the fact that something that is generally very hard to dislike, but not even 4.5 star material gets 100,000 likes and 1000 dislikes, even if it would have gotten a rating of only 4 stars. Youtube is a great example of this 100/1 ratio effect.