Max Game Size for Android and iOS


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This topic has been in the forum already, but not recently and times and equipmet are changing. My game, not yet publicized, is currently 57M big and I am not ready yet. What is the current recommended max size for an off-line and paied for game on App Store and Play Store? No commercials or other internet connections are needed to play the game, only a check for updates.

Scaling takes up resources. This is what Stencylpedia says about Scale Settings:

The original iPhone sported a 480 x 320 resolution. Today's flagships are up to 1920 x 1080 or even higher. Higher-resolution graphics are necessary to keep a game looking crisp.

My largest images, the backgrounds, are done in 480x320 and as such imported to my game. I am currently trying to learn and understand about scaling in Stencyl, but am not quite there yet. As of now I have all 5 Project Scales in Stencyl turned on which uses up resources.

I do not need the latest state-of-the-art resolutions available on new smart phones, but I do need to have a resonably crisp and good look on tablets.

Thanks for any help and guidance.  :)

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It is all bitmap PNG-Files. I need PNG because of transperancy. All backgrounds 480x320 originals are 200K or less. The actor originals are less than 20K and less than 100x100 in size.


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I have read the Stencyl documentation on scaling and it is my understanding, that I need to have all checkboxes for Project Scales set, thereby within Stencyl creating five copies of diffrent sizes of each original which, of-course, takes up a lot of Meg. Is that correct?


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Looked around and found that the max AKP size is 50M targeting up and until Android 2.2 and 100M as of Android 2.3 (December 2010). This without using extensions for shared device memoy which would add 4G.

Also found that I could delete 3x and 4x in the scaling without loosing quality on a tablet size which reduced my game size from 57M to 15M.


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Firstly I'm no expert on this aspect of Stencyl / Android games.

What I do is create graphics at the same resolution as I expect the game to be played at and then only use the 1x scaling throughout.  It cuts down all that additional clutter in terms of duplicated graphics and I have not seen any degradation in game responsiveness or graphic quality over a wide range of platforms from old style 2003 computers running Linux, modern PC touchscreens, phones and tablets.  At one stage my games were over 120MB (!!!) and are now down below 12MB  :)

However - be warned - I'm not an expert and those 'in the know' might be in a better position to advice you.



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if I am using 1x scaling, everything is working good except one thing. When I try to create background (png picture size about 500 kB and 5000x1080 resolution) I have problem with 90% of memory usage.