We Make(flash,ios,android) games for you ,And give Courses. (low prices)

Hi ,
We are two (game developer/Game designer ) Both We can help beginners in stencyl make their games ,From scratch to monetzing and releasing .We propose you the following options:

1-You are a game Designer ? You can make graphics for your games , and we make code and animation for you .
2-You can make logics with stencyl ?  You can make the code , and  We can make your game polished .taking care of the graphics and animation.
3- If you're begginer in both ( design and coding on stencyl ).You can share with us your idea , after we will propose some graphics . and make it for you .
4-You dont want us only make your game ? You want to learn and moving forward in game developpment on stencyl ?
we can create every part of your game in your presence . with detailed explanation. and  we take care of all your questions. (Skype or other ..).
5-You want only to learn ? after that make your game lonely ? We can  can help you achieve your  desires step by step explaining all mechanisme algorithmique ..ect  Also we can move with you forward to unity2D game developement.

all prices are very low and reasonable and  will be determined according to your demand. our goal is to teach you .

Fore more information Send a Private message or
Contact us  on this mail : stencylmasterservice@outlook.fr
Language: French /English


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Any examples? I was so impressed by the punctuation I had to ask :P


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I would also like to see some examples.
I'm spanish, excuse me for my bad English.
I'm not a private teacher. Please, post your questions in the public forum.

If you need help or some demonstration of our work contact in private or in email . thanks