My new site is up!


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I'd buy a plush creature for my wife but it doesn't quite seem like you're selling those from what I can tell on the site.

Really nice job on the website, though, by the way.


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I don't understand how you managed to make your site even cuter than it was before!
Pink is a really underused color, glad to see it being put to good use!


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Great site, really cute, blah blah, you know all that!  It's awesome, but just came to drop some quick concrit (so, so, late in the game--Queen of Procrastination here) .

1.  You need an 'About Me' page!  Or 'Profile' if you prefer.  Stuff like where you're from, how old you are, your education and hobbies and social life, all that boring junk that you think no one cares about but others will subconsciously connect to and therefore be more compelled to throw money at you or commission.  Personally, I always like to know more about a person when checking their personal artsites, especially details on where and how they learned their art/crafting

2.  You're table of contents is SO FAT.  That thing needs to go on a DIET!  It would be most convenient if I could see what everything is within one screen, or with minimal scrolling.  Cut down on the gaps between categories and stuff.  Make it into one big block, not many little blocks.  Something.

You don't have to do either of these things of course, I just word things very strongly when I really only mean them as suggestions XD .  It's still great as it is, just a little clunky to navigate.

<3 ali
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