10,000 Dragons REDUX: Samurai Action Platformer - help playtest!


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Hello All!

This game used to be top-down RPG, but we have recently revived it as an action platformer / metroidvania type game. We are currently working on the controls for the player character, trying to get him to feel right. Please playtest this short demo and let us know what you think! The controls are:
Left and Right Arrow Keys = run left and right
[Z]/Up Arrow = Jump, Air Jump, Wall Jump
Down Arrow = Duck and Slide
[X] = attack (combos up to 3 times)
Press and Hold [X] to charge up a power attack

All the assets are stand-ins except for the main character, who has more polished artwork, so you can get a sense for the intended style of the rest of the animations and assets. Detailed feedback welcome!



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Wow!  Very cool game.  The controls feel great.  I would love it if your character could do a stabbing downward attack from the sky.  He has such a cool jump and duck animation it just feels like I want to be able to do that.  But the controls feel great.  I look forward to seeing this game fleshed out. 
Side note>Probably because I'm old and I can't see but I wish the game were bigger meaning zoomed in on the action.  I'd like to see those character animations in all their glory.


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Well done but what happened to the other version?  It seems like a lot of hard work got scrapped.... :(