Ragdoll Pinball


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I'd like to present a game I'm pretty far along in - Ragdoll Pinball.

(Note: The animated gif is a little grainy)

Ragdoll Pinball, is a combination of a ragdoll  game and a pinball game. Basically, try to kill the ragdoll off. The body parts will fly off the more he gets injured and at the end only the head survives and that acts as a normal pinball.

Even though I know this is no prize winner, I've been seeing continual progress in my work from game to game, and I'm feeling pretty good about that, and i'm feeling pretty good about this project. I had originally made the basic "framework" for this game over a year ago, but I dropped it. I started and finished 3 other projects and have decided to come back and finish this off.

What is done:
- the main game / level / playability is all done, I feel like I'm pretty close to the finish line on this one and I think i will finish it sometime in April.

What is still needed:
GFX - still needs some work. Some stuff are placeholders, some other stuff needs polish.
Sounds - oh boy, i'm really, really, bad at this and I currently have 0 sounds in the game.
Unlockables - I have to create player skins as unlockables.
Menus / Ads / Saving+Loading - Stuff that is quite easy and I can usually copy/paste the code from other games. I usually leave this stuff for last.
Various small bugs - hunting these down, and working through them. Nothing "game breaking".  The most difficult one is that since the character is created up by a bunch of joints, sometimes a part of the player clips through the terrain and gets stuck. Also, the level has moving parts and sometimes the player gets "smushed" into the terrain. I've fixed this issue quite a bit, but it still (rarely) happens, so I've added a "stuck" button in the top left and it will plop the player back in the middle of the screen.
Icon - I think I need to focus and create much better icons then I have in the past. I usually get a little lazy dealing with these.
Rewarded Ads - I've only used Admob up until now, but now I've decided to do rewarded ads to get coins for unlockables. Must investigate this further.
Gamecenter / Google play games - I've never implemented these before, but I plan on now. Hopefully these are nothing that difficult to implement.

I do not consider anything that is still needed as anything major. The only issue I have that I am really worried about is that I've been working on this in Stencyl 3.4, and Apple only accepts IOS11, which means I would either have to export to xcode to compile or upgrade to Stencyl 3.5. In a game that I finished two months ago using joints, I exported to xcode to try for IOS11. Xcode popped up a handful of errors related to the joint extension. Those issues were far too technical for me to wrap my mind around so I only published to IOS10.3. I'm hoping the "upgrade" to Stencyl 3.5b will be smooth.

The last remaining issue is that I'm considering putting in more tables (levels), perhaps two more. This, in my opinion, would create a "complete" game, however I'm still undecided on this. On the one hand, the core code of the game is done and could be migrated to other levels, but on the other it is a ton of work (at least another one or two months).  Each level needs to be tested over and over and over again because of the "clipping through terrain" issue and setting up the layout of the table with the flashing lights and the scoreboard is quite time consuming. I'll revisit this point once I'm almost done the game and decide then. Alternatively, I could always publish as 1 level, and if results are "good", do an update.

Anyways, thanks for your time,

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Have you found a way to set up reward videos with AdMob?


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Have you found a way to set up reward videos with AdMob?

Actually, I was looking at this yesterday. I signed up for Enhance, which is discussed here in this forum thread.

I setup rewarded ads and interstitial ads, and so far the test ads work 100% fine.

When you sign up on the enhance website you will get a link to download a Stencyl extension. This extension contains all the blocks you need to implement Enhance in your app and also a demo stencyl project file with examples. It is super simple. Ceosol has also given an excellent example in the enhance forum thread.


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Hey thanks for the info on Enhance, I will give it a try. Your game is a clever idea! Looks like fun :)