Current progress of my game. What should I improve or change to make it better?


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W and D - left, right
K and L - jump, attack
F1 - restart of stage

Please try gain 5LVL so you will see changed HUD. (best way is to kill the blue bug and then press F1)
There is only one stage so far. But coming more soon.
I will make more animations like jumping, landing, being hurt and maybe more attacks.
Those orange objects are actually fruits. I know they don't grow naturally in sewers. I needed to test gravity and if they perish.
I didn't notice the worm falling of the edge. It's because of ground is on different layer than the enemy.
The bed is as a heal point. Your HP is restored here. I think when I add some sound effects it will be clear ;o

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This is looking really good so far., and it's fun to play. I got to the bit with the four brown blocks. I guess that's as far as you can go at the moment? I like the art style, and the controls are pretty smooth. I would like the option for different controls though.

The player needs a jump animation, and maybe a land one too. Also a take damage animation. A bit more visual interest and variety in the scene would be nice.

I couldn't pick up lots of the coins etc. and the worms that spawned from the pipes fell through the tiles and I couldn't reach them.

Excellent work so far. You might want to start a journal on here, and maybe a gamejolt devlog.

Things to consider adding? New weapon types, pickups/powerups and more visual feedback, such as a splash when landing in water.


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I have added my feedback on the game on the game's page. Here it is again anyway:

Great game! Here is my feedback:

1) Enemies coming out of drains have spawned inside the ground, and I've still been able to kill them.
2) I was a bit confused as to what the orange orbs were. I was trying to collect them by jumping on them, walking through them, and attacking them, but then I realised they regenerated your health.
3) The controls being on different sides of the keyboard feels a bit awkward. Since you're using A and D as movement, how about using W to jump and S to attack?
4) What is the purpose of the bed? I kept repeatedly attacking it, but I didn't understand what it was there for.
5) There are too many orange orbs. This makes everything too easy. If you reduced the number of orbs, it would add more difficulty to the game.

Other than that, this is going great so far! Can't wait to see where this goes! :)
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The 1st bug fell through by itself on another run though but if you run into them they both end up under the map, other than that I like it. Also NickamonPoppytail has some good points.