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I'm working on a project, it is a Mario-style game.
My problem is shooting related, does anyone know to make limited shootings? I mean, I have a counter of bullets and I want the number of bullets there to be the amount of bullets that you can shoot.
I hope you understand my question, and know the answer.


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There is a behaviour for this that is built in to Stencyl. This allows you to customise this and more.
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If you've already got your counter, increment it by 1 every time a bullet is created, and decrement it by 1 when a bullet is killed.

The second bit of your code checks the value of the counter and creates a bullet or not, depending on the value.

For example:

Create bullet

You can add an OTHERWISE statement if you want something to happen if the bullet limit has been reached.

Vaibhav Sangwan

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you can do it by making a boolean attribute too.
Just set it to false every time you  create a bullet and then after a limited time, set it to true again.
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You can also use this