Screen Capture / GIF software for OSX


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I was just wondering if anyone had any software recommendations for capturing screen video/gifs.


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Screen capture? With a lot of tweaking OBS works well, Gif software? Thats a thing?


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"Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture" Its free, captures high quality video. You can chose the part of screen you want to capture, etc.

It has a 10 mins max recording time than you have to click record again. But that shouldnt be a problem for you since you want to make Gifs out of the vids. Once you record your video, you have to encode it, than simple go to goole and searh for sites that conver videos to Gifs there is about a million of them. Or if you have photoshop you can do it there.


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Gyazo is pretty good for short clips.


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You can do it with the supplied QTime Player but then you need to save the .MOV to a GIF. There are tools out there.

I would recommend investigating these:

I've used LICEcap which did the job but there might be others.
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