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I was wondering if any of you clever clogs would be interested in a little job.

I would like to make a short personality quiz that I could share on smartphones. There would be 6 levels, each based on a personality type (similar to Myers-Briggs). Each of the 6 levels will consist of 10 multiple choice questions (A or B).

At the end of each level, depending on the score, the player would be presented with a screen that details their personality type.
(For example: Are they Introvert or Extrovert?)

There would need to be an option to email their name and results to a forwarding address if they wanted to receive a more in depth analysis.

No graphics are needed, just a working quiz-style template that I can customize and add the questions in later.

Should be quite a simple job for anyone with a bit of know-how. Payment would be made by Paypal.

Thank you.
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