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I am brand new to Stencyl and would love to use it to create simple demo's for physics. 
Are there any out there already that I can modify?
Would it be easy to create fill in or drop down boxes with initial position, velocity, and acceleration and show the motion?  I'd like to show the current readings as text as well as showing the graphs in real time.

Any tutorials that would be pertinent would be greatly appreciated!!


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What you're trying to do is certainly possible. If you haven't done the crash course yet, I suggest that you do. It'll teach you enough for you to get started with Stencyl.

I can't think of any specific tutorials, but you might want to start with looking at recording text inputs, and drawing. You're also going to need to understands lists and maps.
See to see what relevant tutorials he has available.

I see the difficult bit being then calculating trajectories and drawing them to screen. There is an extension called "Physics Tools" which may be  helpful.