How to use the Names and Faces feature


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Hello, and thank you for creating this fantastic extension!

I watched all the tutorial videos and reverse-engineered the sample game, and I could figure out all of the features except this one. Where on earth are you storing the "Names and Faces Master" value? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Also the images for the faces... where are they stored, and how do you call them?

<showname "Names and Faces Master">Whoa,<wait 0.4> I have a name! <wait 0.5>And you can see it!<but><clear>
This is accomplished by using the {cb}\<showname NAME\>{cd} command.<but><clear>
<face 1>Now I have a face! <wait 0.5>This day just keeps on getting better and better!<but><clear>
This is accomplished by using the {cb}\<face IMAGE\>{cd} command.<but><clear>
<face 2><showname "Police Officer">Ohh go away mister Names and Faces Master, <wait 0.4>it's POLICE OFFICER time now!<but><clear>
Hellloooo! <wait 0.3>Welcome to the Police Officer show!<but><clear>
<face 1><showname "Names and Faces Master">Enough!<but><clear>
<face 2><showname "Police Officer">I am going to ARREST you,<wait 0.1> mister! <but>O<wait 0.1><typespeed 0.08>kaaaaaaaaaaay!<typespeed 0.05><but><hidename><dg "Main Choice">