Castle Pals, June 28th on iOS!


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Good day! I've been working on a semi-sequel to my first game, Owen's Odyssey, for the last 5 months or so.  You play as two kids, Owen and Kylee, making their way through a most dangerous place - Castle Pookapick. Each character has a specific skill and game play style which the player alternates between level to level. In one level you can float freely using Owen's propeller hat and in the next you can smash enemies with Kylee's boxing gloves. There are currently 40 levels including boss battles.

Here are a few screens:

Also, a Touch Arcade write-up that includes a trailer:

Also also, you can pre-order it now:

The game has gotten some decent pre-order features on the App Store so far, with 30k pre-orders being registered.


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Looks awesome.

Kylee has a lot of moves! Well done!

Hope it does even better as your version 1!!!

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Thanks! I hope so too!


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Very cool, saw the pre-order on the app store!


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Congrats, it looks awesome! :)
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I love the art style, very polished


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Very cool article, congratulations!


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How well did the game do after the feature @suitcasenuke?


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It was very busy week competition wise. The game currently sits at 125k downloads, which is a bit disappointing. But the game is earning  well on those downloads and is well liked. I'd prefer not to share exact revenue stats though.