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Hi there!

I want to boast about my second spear-time project with the code name Hit. It's a game based on my comic strip Hit and crash.  The core of game mechanic based on simple physics. As a musichead (the characters of the comic strip) you are going to crash as many objects as possible. The catch here is you need to figure out which object is breakable and which is not, while at the same time trying to collect some rare ones! You can buy boosters and armours to help you with the tasks in the game. Levels are full of obstacles like clouds of smoke, winds and broken sewage. Its casual and fun!

The art-style of the game is based on my comic strip Hit and crash and has some vintage vibes. Something that you might remember from gum wrappers and the time when colorful markers were very new and popular thing.

The game is still in WIP stage and with very modest budget I consider this game as almost done and it will be out early 2019. With the help of a publisher and good budget the game might get more levels, boosters and even get some fancy musics! In this case it might be ready a bit later than early 2019. Who knows, right? ;) This game with a very strong and brave publisher and very good budget might be out not just for iOs and Android, but for Switch and Wii as well.

If you guys are interested in this game please subscribe to my newsletter and if you want to help in any fields of the development, please don't hesitate to write me pavel@hitandcrash.com

The website of the game www.hitandcrash.com

Please watch the GAMEPLAY VIDEO https://youtu.be/3-wl48laqJ0

and a few screenshots ;)

Watch my new game http://www.hitandcrash.com based on my comic strip https://www.instagram.com/hitandcrash

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