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Hey Sponsors!

I am reaching out to any sponsor today because I am looking for a sponsor for our never-before-released game, Fidget Spinner Clicker. It’s a game that is ready to port to iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Flash, and HTML5. We’re primarily looking for any type of mobile agreement, either revenue share for a fixed fee, performance-based, or flash (exclusive, primary, etc). I’m open to all types of agreements, including the purchase of the entire Intellectual Property

Fidget Spinner Clicker is an addicting and rewarding game that is based on the extremely popular and profitable genre “Idle Clicker”. The game features dozens of new spinners for the player to explore and unlock; each spinner offering a new and unique look to the game. In this game, you start with a regular fidget spinner, the toy so many children and teenagers love. You progress through the game by spinning the fidget, unlocking new ones, and essentially building your economy. Not only has this genre of games proved profitable, but Fidget Spinner Clicker is definitely unique and more addicting than its competitors on the web and app store because of its fun use of abilities, addictive nature of always trying to upgrade your fidget, and the eye-candy graphics.

The incentives for purchasing this game is the fact that you’ll be investing into a very profitable, addicting market. Retention isn’t a problem in these games because of the game’s natural tendency to retain the user to keep spinning and upgrading. The game will include advertisements, both interstitial ads which will cover the entire screen and video ads. The video ads will allow the user to earn in-game currency faster whenever a player clicks on a video ad to watch. These ad revenues quickly build up making your investment well worth it.


Game Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/sYWmO

Game Demo: https://youtu.be/BWJJSdV1PhU


I hope you find this game innovative and profitable and may we discuss more.

We’re a small two man band; programmer and artist living on cups of coffees!

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Brandon Huynh


brandonhuynh52@gmail.com - Skype: brandonburnett12

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