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I've a strange problem with list. I have a list with 10 items in it; if I use this list (with get item block) I have no problem, but if I update this list, and I add a new item (now I have 11 items) and then if I use the block "Load save file..:" in the first scene, this block load the old list with 10 items, and the new items that I have add manually is gone.
Why ?


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It's not like number attributes where if you add a new one it's still there even if you load previous data.  Assuming you're trying to update a game and not delete old list values, you can check the lengh of the list and if it's 10, add the new default value in your first scene.


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yes rob,
I'm trying to update a game, and I would like to update the list without a use of the block "add.."
So I think the the only solution good for me is to create a new list and use it.

Thank you