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My name is Pavel Guzenko and I'm an author of the comic Hit and crash ( and the game Hit ( Gameplay video
The core of this game is casual mechanic based on simple physics. As a musichead (the characters of the comic strip) you are going to crash as many objects as possible. The catch here is you need to figure out which object is breakable and which is not, while at the same time trying to collect some rare ones! You can buy boosters and armours to help you with the tasks in the game. Levels are full of obstacles like clouds of smoke, winds and broken sewage. Its casual and fun! You can also read every week new comic strip by Hit and crash inside of the game for free, and you can get an early access to the upcoming comics before anyone else for in-game currency.

The art-style of the game is based on the comic strip Hit and crash and has some vintage vibes. Something that you might remember from gum wrappers and the time when colorful markers were very new and popular thing.

Over the past few months I’ve been receiving good responses from publishers and I’ve decided to start to look for team members.
At this moment I am looking for a Senior Engineer for my project Hit and crash who will be comfortable to work in Stencyl. As soon as the project funded and everything goes well the Production starts the earliest this November. The game has passed through Vertical slice and Alpha. It has all the major features and gameplay. As it planned for now it needs 4 months of Production, 1 month Beta, 3 months for Launch and post-launch.
According to the best estimated budget I could possibly make I need an Engineer for 174h per month (full-time occupied) for 8 months on salary US$30 for an hour. In the budget it’s estimated 870h for Production and Beta. At the same time according to Task Management Plan (I use ClickUp) there are 855h of programming tasks, which of course could grow easily when someone more experienced than me look at these tasks.
My more realistic budget when I can afford only a part-time Engineer consist of 100h per month, where he works 3 nights per week with 3 hours each and 16 hours on weekend for US$30/hour. The pipeline is much shorter and plan doesn't include fancy thing and it's 3 months of Production and 1 month for Beta, Launch etc.
Since the budget isn’t proved yet the estimated time could grow or shrink. So, it’s important for me and for an Engineer to be on board as soon as possible.

What are the pitfalls?
I am not a programmer and I wrote the code by myself. In defence I would say this is my second project in Stencyl and this time it’s not just spare-time project, but I dedicate all my time to it. The first Stencyl game was HeadlessD ( I’ve done all my best and I used comments while coding to help other people in the future to understand what goes where and how it works. So, the code isn’t perfect to say the least. I also tried to put some extra time in the budget and planning if understanding of my code takes too much time and causes some problems.

I live in Vienna, Austria and I don’t really expect to find an engineer nearby, so all the communication is expected to be online. In case with 8h a day 5 days a week it’s a bit of challenge. There is an object of expenditure in the budget for the office, but I’m pretty sure I will scrap this in benefit to other expenses.

There are two big problems in the game.
1. The physics might need some adjustments (
2. There is a problem with handling Spine animation (,57175.0.html)
Any pluses?
I don’t expect from an Engineer to work "for the bright future" or “for fun”. This is work for hire and will be paid as planned.  No budget = no work. There is a lawyer and an accountant to help to keep project running.

There are 400h of programming work included in budget apart from those I mentioned above. These 400h are planned as additional help (for writing Spine extension for instance). So, not everything is on the shoulders of one Engineer.

The game is almost done. All the major features are present and working. The main goal is optimisation and adding content.

About myself.
I am in Game industry since 2007. I’ve worked as Concept Artist, 2d Artist and Art Director. Game industry isn’t big in Austria but I had a chance to work on KISS rock city, Angry Birds Holiday, Asterix & Friends and before that were many other games in Germany and Russia. I love my job and I love the games I am working on. Here is my website and my LinkedIn page

If you like what you’ve read and seen please don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know which e-mail I should send a TestFlight Beta invite to and I will get it to you ASAP.

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Watch my new game based on my comic strip

HeadlessD is my dungeon-crawling game on iOs and Android. Made in Stencyl.


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I've updated the post with some comments about the budget options.
Watch my new game based on my comic strip

HeadlessD is my dungeon-crawling game on iOs and Android. Made in Stencyl.