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I'm making a small game and there are dungeons with locked doors. however there are multiple doors and I'm not sure how to limit it to 1 sprite.
if someone could help me with this that would be amazing. thanks


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I am not sure if i understand.
Do you want to know how to handle multiple locked doors with one door actor?
Also, how do you want to unlock those doors?

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You need some way of identifying each door. If you have a behaviour attached to your actor, you can use a local attribute to give it a unique identifying that you can customise in the 'Inspector' tab in scene view.


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hey, so for question 1, yes and 2 you'll find a key.


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Answer 1: Put events for doors into a behaviour and attach it to the actor type door. This will automatically recognize each door as a separate actor whilst keeping it as one actor type (although to be honest I don't see why there's an issue with just using each door without having a behaviour linked in the first place, because each one is defined as itself, and not a group)

Answer 2: Create different attributes for the different keys and set them all to false at the start. When you collect a key- let's say Red Key for example- set that key attribute to true.
[If redkey=true]
set door w/ attribute "red" to openable

Hope this helped.
Hiss hiss