Use same controls behavior for Player 1 & 2


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Just like the subject asks, is it possible to use the same behavior for control for 2 players?  Example:  I would like to make it so my game detects two game controllers and the players are controlled independently from each other.  Just curious.

EDIT:  I just found the page about how external game controllers are not natively supported and unexpected results happen if you unplug and plug in a controller.  I think the best bet for a local 2 player game will have to be on the keyboard.  This means for the players I will require two control scripts.  This is fine, but it makes it a bit more work for enemy AI and tracking of individual players require extra steps.  Let me know if anyone has a better idea.

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Two gamepads can work if the player sets them up manually.
Just FYI how i do it with one: