Music not playing on iOS, loop track stops intro tracks from working. URGENT


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Previously I was having issues with focus being lost and the music I had in my iOS games was not restarting.

The latest version of Stencyl fixed that (10046), but it also appears to have broken the music function. Here are two major things that have changed:
1. Music continues from the place it was, rather than from the start (unless explicitly told to go to position 0)
2. Looping music stops after a while and changing back to a scene once looping music has started means other tracks in that scene refuse to play.

My current setup is this:

intro menu music
loop menu music

intro gameplay music
loop gameplay music

Intro shop music
Loop shop music
intro gameplay music (short)

When I transition to the various scenes, the intro music plays fine (and goes back to the start and I can easily alternate between the scenes and their respective music plays.

If however the music (via a "If channel finishes playing" block) switches to play the loop track, returning to this scene results in silence from the music channel.

If you could let me know ASAP whether this is a known issue with this build (And has been fixed) or whether you need more info, I'd appreciate the suggestions. I'm midway through a feature and there's key things I need to update but this issue is stopping me from releasing my update.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


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Here's the issue in video format! Note that after the intro track hits the loop (at 0:39) when the scene is re-entered, the music no longer plays.