How to enter accented characters


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When you  you use

and you type characters like "é" , the character code is empty


Sadly you cannot  find the character from the keyboard event. You are force to use a text field.
in the arbitrary code
Code: [Select]
var inputField= new openfl.text.TextField();
in the created Event
add a code bloc
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inputField.type = openfl.text.TextFieldType.INPUT;
Engine.stage.focus = inputField;

In a when any key pressed event

Press key is my own block.
You have to use a do after 0 seconds, sounds stupid , but it is needed.
(Otherwise your textfield.text will be the last key pressed.   When any key pressed see the pressed key before the textfield does.

on focus event: when the game gains focus
Code: [Select]
Engine.stage.focus = inputField;
when click event
Code: [Select]
Engine.stage.focus = inputField;

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