First game made with Stencyl released!


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Hi all

Happy to announce that I have released my first game made with Stencyl.
It is available on Google Play for now. It will be released on Apple App Store as well.
On PC/Mac a slightly different version will be released as a premium game over the next couple of months.
As a small independant game development studio, I have released more than 50 games for mobile devices but over the past few years since the mobile market got super tough for indies, I started focusing on the PC game market and have released around 15 games for PC/MAC...I make casual games for a older female demographic.

'GO Team Investigates' is sort of a trial for me for using Stencyl. It was more about learning Stencyl and understanding what could be done with Stencyl and what were its constraints. So it surely will have some bugs and other issues.
The game is a mashup of solitaire card game, mahjong tile match game and some logic puzzles. As I said before it is directed towards the older female casual game player and may appear somewhat out of place among  the usual Stencyl games presented here.


Have Fun!


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Very nice game. Very polished.

I've installed it and played for a bit.

The graphics are great.

My first impression is that the start screen (Main Menu) and the introduction screen is way too cluttered.
There is too much going on for the first-time user. Maybe later you can add two player buttons, but now it is confusing.

It can do pretty well without these adjustments, but I still wanted you to know my opinion.

Great work! Hope it does well for you and that you will make translated versions for my relatives .
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Thanks for the feedback and the appreciation.
For this game I haven't focused much on the game design but have tried to understand how to use Stencyl specifically for the kind of games that I make. So this was kind of getting a hang of Stencyl with no particular monetisation expectation (from the mobile market). It is actually designed as a PC game with 150+ levels (10+ hours of gameplay) for an audience who is used to these kind of games .

I have planned  a point and click adventure as a 2nd game with Stencyl after which I will probably will get on with Stencyl as my exclusive game dev engine. I am also thinking of doing a beta run of that game on this forum.