Can I use an animation of an actor as a different group?


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So, I know that you can change the collision group to something different for a specific animation, but I'm not receiving the expected results.  Let me explain without the block code.

I had a projectile that had an attack damage variable attached to it via a behavior exclusively to hold attack damage.  If an enemy collided with this object, it was determining the damage required, then would subtract that from its own HP.  Was working fine on its own.

Now, I removed the projectile, but attached the attack damage behavior to my player, and when he does a punch animation the collision group changes into the same collision group as the projectile, and has a value assigned to the behavior for said attack damage.  Nothing is registering from the enemies' side.  I'm just curious as to if it's simply not possible to do that? It seems like it's fairly easy to do in the interface, so I think my logic might be off. 

Let me know if you need to see the blocks.  Thanks!

EDIT: Added the code, it's not a lot.

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