Is it possible?


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I was wondering if it was possible to make a multiplayer game at all with Stencyl? I had a plan to make a 2D platform shooter with multiplayer support but Idk how to do it or where to start.


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simple answer: I think to a certain degree and it depends on your feature set. You have to do some research. I think the two major questions are "how will you control the sprites" and "how do you display them (splitscreen etc).

Setting up gamepads or keys for various sprites is doable. For example W,A,S,D for player1 and arrow keys for player2. I did a post a while ago on how to setup a  gamepad.

There has been a discussion around split screen which i unfortunately dont know what the current state is. You could limit the palyer to one screen but i dont know if that will be fun.


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Yes it's certainly possible, but it's some pretty advanced stuff. I'd concentrate on single-player games for now to teach yourself Stencyl and work your way up.


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I've made a couple multiplayer things. Real-time multiplayer for a platform shooter would be quite a bit more difficult. No two games are exactly alike so there is no simple solution to making multiplayer. Even if you use something - like mdotedot's multiplayer extensions - you will have to customize everything to your game.