[Solved!] Dialogue Extension: how can I make the dialogue use custom names?


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Phew, this question was hard to squeeze with the characters limit, so I'm going to try to explain it better.

I'm using the Dialogue Extension. So far so good. I only need to fix some issues regarding portraits/faces (and I believe TheIndieStation has tutorials on that, so I'll work on that later on) and special characters such as á, à, ã, ä, ç, ñ, etc., since right now they make my game crash and not using them would be gramatically unnaceptable (my game is in.... portuguese  :-[).

But my question is another.

Let's suppose that, at the start of the game, I prompt the player to type their name. I'll store that into a GA.
But how to I use/refer to it in the dialogue?

Example of some dialogue chunk:
--- "Hi [[player's name]]! Have you had a nice sleep?

If it's not doable I'll drop it, but it would be nice to have that option.
AlsoI would still need to investigate  this name's input and how to display it.
But anyways.

I know you can change game attributes through dialogues, but how can you display Attribute's values in-dialog?
Is it even possible...?

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You want to use the showattr tag.
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Wow! Thank you once again, Justin. I'll be giving that a try :)