Stencyl 4 - Out Now! (4.0.1)


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Stencyl 4

After an enormous amount of engine upgrades and a seemingly endless array of critical bug fixes, Stencyl 4 is finally stable and available for download!

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  • Compatibility with iOS 12 / OS X Mojave.
  • Live Testing. Update resources/scenes in running game without recompiling.
  • HTML5 Support. Our HTML5 export option has moved out of the experimental phase.
  • Performance Improvements in engine and in the app.
  • Copy + paste support in the Scene Designer.
  • 200+ bug fixes.
Learn more
In-depth changelog


As always, we recommend backing up your games, and to be safe, backing up your current Stencyl version before upgrading.

If you find any issues, please report them on the issue tracker.


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Nice! good work to all involved, great to see Stencyl continuing to improve.


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Yay! I was waiting for a good time to pick up my tutorials for youtube =)


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Having issues with the qaurataine on the Mac, Stencyl doesn't launch on Mac OS X Mojave"
Code: [Select]
default 16:10:54.861761 +0100 lsd SecTranslocateCreateSecureDirectoryForURL: created /private/var/folders/cj/ddg7cr3s6m1223qhmrxq883m0000gp/T/AppTranslocation/B17E856A-D4EB-489E-B8A0-89EB898B0D63/d/
default 16:10:54.889575 +0100 loginwindow -[PersistentAppsSupport applicationReady:] | App: Stencyl, ready, updating active tracking timer
default 16:10:54.890055 +0100 loginwindow -[ApplicationManager checkInAppContext:refCon:eventData:] |      checked in app : Stencyl
default 16:10:55.237602 +0100 loginwindow -[PersistentAppsSupport applicationQuit:] | for app:Stencyl, _appTrackingState = 2
default 16:10:55.237633 +0100 loginwindow -[PersistentAppsSupport applicationQuit:] | App: Stencyl, quit, updating active tracking timer

Had to manually move it out of quarantine
Code: [Select]
sudo xattr -dr <path to Stencyl>
Sure, my games won't get better with all the new features of Stencyl.
But I do have more fun creating bad ones.

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Glad to see Stencyl is getting updated
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I am having soo many issues with this program.