Steel Seraph updated to 1.11.0 on Windows, Linux and Mac (as of Sept 1)


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I am once again asking for your help with regard to a Linux executable for distro. Say the word and your email in a PM and I'll send you the .stencyl package through email. You will get the game free, for Linux, as a reward (as before.) You will also be credited in the full release (as that's the only release remaining after this one.)

Furthermore, if you do this, I'm willing to spend some time aiding in your project in some way.

Edit: Merrak was able to do it. Dude rocks. Mac and Linux will be launched tomorrow.

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1.11.0 updates (Live on Windows, Linux and Mac.)

Added the entire Hyperspace Beacon ground stage, complete with the air EX bosses, the enemy-summoning "Amon" midbosses, the Zarathustra final boss fight, and the escape from the beacon.

Adjusted part of Spaceport Alpha to solve an issue with landing on the southeastern side of it and ending up in a mountain, if the player is at the bottom of the screen when they land, as well as general air to ground/vice versa transitions.

Added more metal shards to 2-F air (Spaceport Alpha approach) to minimize dead air.

Added a "Death Claw" pickup in Entreprises Fauconvert 1F, in case the player forgets to pick it up after defeating Pandora.

Fixed visual bugs involving absent portraits on some conversations, particularly in acts 3 and 4.

Fixed a bug in 2-D that caused framerate drops when Vucub's orb damaged the quarantine room in 4F of the Angel of Mercy hospital

Fixed a region bug that caused some zoning regions (ones that prompt you to zone by holding the fire button) to be misaligned, leading to 'blind' spots where the prompt didn't show up despite being in the region to zone.

Improved most of the bullets in the game, courtesy of @Wht_Dragon (Twitter handle)

Thanks to Merrak for the linux version stuff I couldn't do from where I was, and Andrew Shouldice (dicey) for the mac one, same conditions.

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