Hello guys so

Ok I have been working (quite a bit) for chapter 3 and after I finish the problem I check the solution and stuff... I did what I can and now I'll be going on Chapter 4 eventually.

I really wanted to talk about what's going on in my head. I have a passion for making video games so I started here quite 3 months ago and I really had it in my head and all I can do is try. I didn't feel quite good in my head when I realize there had been something deeply missing in my life. Take it easy on me but I have kind of a depression going on in my head from infatuation. So I probably have difficult times getting started when I am currently working at a grocery store (and as a clerk btw) I really don't want to give too much information since I kinda get paranoid about stuff being thrown at me and it'd be hostile to do that sort of stuff.

Regardless, I have a possibility of getting so horribly depressed and that fear and anger get to me like a stable prank being thrown into me. I kinda lack some sort of friendship/bond between like-minded people and I don't have much to say regardless of the stepping stone between life and throwing it all out the window. I just wanted the community of Stencyl to understand this pain I'm going through and I'll (eventually) work on the chapter since I figured out how to work on things. I really wish I had started sooner but I think that's how it goes to me and I felt like eating my heart out just to get the pain through.

Seriously... I've started this since I have it but it wasn't serious at first. I guess it's the way I felt back then when I wasn't going to worry about anything that will happen to me in my life. Now I will be working it out in time. Thanks for understanding.


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I've gone through bouts depression, too. Having a creative outlet should help some. I'll give you the same advice I give others.

Start small.
Start simple.

Instead of jumping into a project that you might not finish - and feel worse about yourself - do something simple and small. Break off a piece of your big project and make it into a cool little prototype. Publish that and share it with the world. You will have a sense of accomplishment and know that you can achieve more results.

For that second project, again think simple, think small. You will find that you learned better ways of programming from your first project. This second project should be a much smoother process and you will wind up with that sense of accomplishment again.

Well, I'll follow my dreams every step of the way. Thanks for the advice.